Are You Really Ready for School to Start?

My 5 favorite tips for surviving when school is beginning.

Today was the first day of school – and, for me, to meet the kids in my class again. Next week is the first week for my son at his new school. So how did I prepare, both as a mom and as a teacher? What are my favorite tips to make the transition from summer break to school?

# 1. The mornings. 

I always prepare for the mornings. Two weeks before, we start to go up early in the morning to be used to it again. I look at our routines and decides if there are any I need to change. It is always easier to shift a habit when the mornings and days are already changing. Remember also your kid is older now and might be able to take more responsibility. Let the child do it from the start of this semester.

# 2. Make the changes needed.

It’s the best time to make the changes you want to make. When everything is already changing, why not get better habits. Is there something you want to improve from last year? Make those changes now! Remember your child is one year older now and might be ready for some more responsibility.

# 3. Talk about school before it starts.

What will the days look like? Mornings? How are they going to school? Walk, take the bus, or is someone driving them? By preparing the kids, there will be fewer discussions and questions later.

# 4. Plan the week ahead. 

Every Sunday, we go through the week ahead of us. It takes about 10 minutes but makes us both prepared for what’s coming, whether it is a field trip or a test.

# 5. Do I have everything needed? Cloths, books, a school bag… I always buy it in time. At least I try to. Every year I forget to buy something, and that last thing – after school and work has begun – is always so stressful to find. It might be hard to find in the stores since most of it has already been sold. Often we are tired the first weeks and do not want to run in stores. So try to have everything ready for the first day of school.

Now I have a question for you. Do you have any other good tips? Please, let us know! đŸ˜Š Write below âŹ‡ïž

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